If you're like most drivers throughout South Bend, IN, icy roads can be a little tricky to navigate, especially when your car begins to slide. In those situations, drivers typically apply the brakes as soon as the slide starts. Tyler Chevrolet wants to remind you that hitting the brake pedal is the complete opposite of what to do. That will only make matters worse and may cause you to lose control of your car.

First, be sure that you keep both hands on the steering the moment you enter an icy road. Sometimes, you can prevent a slide from occurring in the first place. Once the slide starts, immediately lift your foot off the accelerator and put the gear shift in neutral. That way, your transmission isn't engaging. Then, gradually turn the steering in the direction of the slide. Additionally, always reduce your speed by at least 5-10 mph during icy conditions, regardless of the road you're driving on in Niles, MI.

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