LATCH Evaluations are about ensuring that your child is safe while riding in the car. The following article from Tyler Automotive will introduce you to this safety requirement, tell you how to stay compliant with the law, and provide insight into some of the best practices for securing a child in a car seat using LATCH.

A child is much safer riding in the car if the child is buckled up and secured properly within a car seat. A young child can easily be ejected from a vehicle during a collision in Niles, MI without proper support offered by car seats and seat belts. The use of tether straps addresses this issue, as it helps to secure your child's car seat to the vehicle.

But this is only one of the ways in which your child's safety can be compromised. The top tether strap can also pose a risk if not properly secured at both ends (to the top tether anchor and the car seat itself).

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